Hometown Heroine

Several women living in the Western Mass area have been rewarded in their efforts to extend their love for life to other people. Whether it is from helping the blind, or helping woman dealing with relationship violence, these women are being recognized for their efforts in volunteer work.
Nancy Sedlak, a Granby resident, revealed her caring nature beyond the line of duty. A post office employee, Nancy goes above and beyond to make sure that she is as friendly to one customer as the next. Dealing with an elderly crowd she has mastered the ability to remain patient and calm while assisting in the needs of customers. It’s this extending attitude that placed her among one of the Unsung Heroines. Of the other women from Western Mass, they all share their love for volunteering and offer a sense of dependability to those in need. As mentioned in the article these women include: Gail Baquis, of Longmeadow, Buffy Lord and Eunice Tassone, both of North Adams, Rosemary “Tracy” Woods, of Springfield, Diane Crowell, of West Springfield, Glynis DeVerry, of Westfield, Suzanne Beebe, of Westhampton, Sharon DeGiorgis, of Windsor, Julia Sharron, of Worthington, Lynne Weintraub, of Amherst and Emily Bancroft of Hardwick.
Sharing their extra time, and even more extraordinary nurture, woman all around New England were nominated by others to become some of the mentionable heroines. An honor to be one of these lucky ladies is just short of how lucky many are to have such hard working and dedicated individuals taking time to think of others. They will be greatly acknowledged tonight, May 19, 2010 in Boston for their efforts. We are proud to have such wonderful and exquisite women representing our state volunteer groups. You can find more on Nancy and the other women nominated here.

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