Thomas J. O’Conner Animal Shelter Invites All To The E-2 Experience

Helping animals and animal lovers throughout the years, Thomas J. O’ Connor is an animal rescue shelter that many are familiar with. Providing animal control services and serving as a home to many rescued animals, this shelter has provided second chances for dogs, cats and other occasional animals. Taking in over 4,000 animals, TJO finds homes for any unclaimed animal through their adoption program. Offering their shelter as a temporary home, prospective pet owners can browse through the selection of animals to find and help rescue an abandoned animal. Over 90 % of the animals rescued that are healthy and friendly have a happy ending when adopted into a new and wonderful home. Through their love of animals and their extending nurture many families have posted happy ending stories on their website to let other pet lovers, and potential pet owners know that rescuing an animal is important and beneficial. For those who wish to help with rescued animals, they offer a volunteer program. Responsibilities of this program range from caretaking to foster care and any help is greatly appreciated.

Gaining awareness is one of the most important ways to help this animal shelter and often times they host events that draw in all different types of crowds. One upcoming events is an Eagles cover band tribute performed by the group E-2. This group performs covers of the talented originals in a way that no other band comes close to. This eight piece group of talented music professionals includes pianos, dueling guitars, trumpets and untouchable vocal capability. Promising to please audiences of all ages, this experience is encouraged that everyone be a part of. They are making their rounds throughout Western Mass and will be appearing at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee on June 27, 2010 at 5:00 PM. Tickets are an inexpensive twenty dollars and can be bought in advance by clicking here.

Being a part of this experience will do greater good to the animal control and adoption center of Thomas J. O’ Connor. Fifty percent of your tickets proceeds will go to the center. So whether you enjoy good music or a good cause, the Hu Ke Lau and Thomas J. O’ Connor welcomes you to take part in an all around unique experience.

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