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An Astonish Visit to Get Things Moving

September 15, 2010

Our Ross Team had the pleasure of being a part of Astonish Result’s Changing Faces of Insurance and Agency Culture Tour. Astonish Results has paired with Ross Insurance to maximize our sales efforts and most importantly encourage us to “fish where the fish are”. A few weeks ago, Astonish team members Nick Brown and Alicia Collins traveled from their Warwick Rhode Island location to include Ross Insurance in an ongoing look as to what makes the Insurance industry today as times continue to change. Ross Insurance has been around since 1925, and as the times are changing we are finding ourselves adapting to the environment around us.  We’d like to think that we are doing a great job breaking those stereo types as we move forward with new technology while still holding true to our tradition. Located right in Holyoke, Ma we were given the chance to show a side of insurance that most people do not get a chance to see. Come and see our Agency Culture Tour which gives you a look at Ross Insurance from a more human perspective.

You’ll also have the opportunity of meeting our Ross Insurance team member Marissa Cloutier, who is one of the newest Changing Faces of the Industry. She had the chance to talk with Nick Brown about what makes her a unique addition to the Ross Insurance team.


The Only Constant is Change

September 9, 2010

In the past few months has anything changed in your life that may affect your current auto policy? Are you using your vehicle in business? Has the garaging location changed? Is any one new using your car? These are all types of things that your insurance agent needs to be aware of. Simple mistakes like forgetting to add your young driver can lead to denied coverage. Also, if you forget to update which city or town your car is being garaged in and something were to happen to your vehicle your claim could be denied. For example, say that you currently reside in Holyoke, MA and your young driver takes the family car with them to school out in Boston. You would need to notify your insurance agent that the car will now be garaged in Boston. If something were to happen to the vehicle and it was known that your child routinely used the car while in Boston but it was listed that the car was garaged in Holyoke, they could deny a claim for false information. We are here to help our customers and notify them of the potential risks involved if their auto policy information is not accurate or up to date. The small changes that affect your auto policy are often overlooked, which is why we are here to offer help when you need it.  You can contact our office through our interactive office, or call any of our agents during our office hours and we would be glad to assist you in any changes that need to be made on your policy. In the event of an accident there are more important things to worry about than if your claim would be denied because your auto policy is not up to date, so remember to contact your agent with any changes.

The Do’s and Don’t of Insurance

September 9, 2010

When dealing with insurance, it’s important to remember a few “DOs and DONTs”. Whether you carry insurance for your homevehicle or boat it’s beneficial to know a few things when talking over insurance with your insurance agent. Explaining to your insurance agent what type of coverage you are looking for, and what you exactly need from that coverage narrows down the search of what is going to be best for you. Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to fully understand your coverage. Often times, people feel that asking too many questions is bothersome. At Ross Insurancewe couldn’t disagree more. It is our job to ensure that you understand as much as possible of your coverage so that you know what you are paying for. When seeking new coverage, make sure that you do not cancel your existing coverage before purchasing new coverage. This gap of time in between means that you will not be covered in the event of an accident, and could affect you negatively. It is also important to remember when your payments are due, and try not to fall behind on making these payments. Late fees and reinstatement costs can easily be prevented if you are aware of your payment dates. Some insurance companies are quick to send a notice of cancellation within 5 days of non-payment. A great way to remember to pay your bill is to mark it on your calendar, or you could also set up Electronic Funds Transfer. EFT will automatically deduct your payment from your account on a day that you choose is best for you and when you are certain that funds are going to be available. Keep these tips in mind and get the most out of your insurance. Contact our office today with any questions you may have and we will be ready to assist you in any way that we can.

A Breathe Easy Benefit

September 3, 2010

When talking with Nolan Courchesne, a 19 year old native of Chicopee MA, you begin to really understand the value of life. “Even if my life isn’t long, I want to accomplish as much as I can,” stated Nolan to our local Republican Newspaper. Nolan is just one of many who deal with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease that causes mucus to build up and can clog some of the organs in the body, mainly the lungs. For Nolan, he has never known what it was like to breathe freely, and after his hospitalization this past winter, Nolan decided it was time to do something to raise awareness about his condition with Cystic Fibrosis.

Having Cystic Fibrosis is extremely limiting to what activities you can do. Nolan had told us that he used to be able to play baseball, one of his favorite sports, and now it’s not as easy to actively play. When the mucus builds up and clogs some of the organs, such as the lungs, it can make breathing very difficult. The constant build up of mucus can lead to inflammation and even infection that can ultimately damage parts of the organ its’ contained to.  Over 300,000 people suffer from Cystic Fibrosis currently and to date, there is no cure, which is why it is important to help raise awareness on the seriousness of this disease. As sited in the Republican, the median predicted age of survival is now 37.4 years, which has risen 5 years since 2000. Nolan, who refuses to be confined due to his condition, serves as an excellent example of how to make the most out of life. “People look at me like I’m a tough kid. I can’t lie down and give up and waste away” stated Nolan in the Republican. The idea of the benefit first sparked when Nolan first listened to the song “Breathe” created by Matt Scales. Matt, who wrote the song to capture what it’s like to live with Cystic Fibrosis, is no longer alive though his words live on through the lives he’s touched when he produced the song. “I wanted to do my part to raise awareness, and that’s why I started planning the Breathe Easy event” said Nolan.

With the help of his family and extensive amount of friends, Nolan put together the “Breathe Easy Fundraiser” to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and to make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help researchers find a cure for this disease. “Growing up and not being able to play sports, like baseball, it was hard for me. I want to help kids in the future who go through the same condition as me, and contribute to finding a cure. To be able to play sports and be active without having to worry about having Cystic Fibrosis is something that I want young kids to be able to do.”

 The fundraiser was Nolan’s way of contributing to the Cystic Fibrosis Community, and was a huge success as the event raised over $10,000. With a successful turnout in attendance and beautiful New England weather, the Breathe Easy Benefit was surely an event to remember. It was easily accessible from all surrounding cities as it was held at the Summit View on Northampton St in Holyoke, MA. Entertainment was provided for all ages including two bounce houses for young children, horse drawn hay rides, face painting and even a massage station for all. Guests were encouraged to participate in ongoing games, an extensive Chinese raffle of donations and various musical performances all set the atmosphere for a good time. Food provided from Hamel’s Creative Catering left the guests fully satisfied with buffet style offerings of BBQ chicken, baked ziti, baked beans, fresh salad and rolls. Local bands Shades of Blue, The Shock Waves and the Glisten Effect kept the good times rolling as the event lasted from 1pm-10pm.

Ross Insurance was glad to help sponsor the event, and some of our team members even had the privilege of experiencing the fun first hand. We are extremely grateful that Nolan and his family have helped Ross Insurance to better understand why it is important to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. With wisdom far exceeding his age, Nolan welcomed all guests to freely ask questions about his condition and encouraged all to help his efforts in donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The event was a remarkable experience and we thank the Courchesne family for allowing us to be a part of it!

Going To The Chapel, And We’re…Stopping To Buy Special Event Insurance First!

August 27, 2010

Nice weather and vacation time usually means that weddings are around the corner. Something about the season in bloom makes for a perfect opportunity to share your love with close friends and family. It’s a day to remember and a big step forward in a relationship, but also a big expense. These days, the more elaborate the wedding the more expensive. During this year, residents and visitors found that Tennessee’s flooding put the brakes on many ceremonies and celebrations. Due to extreme weather conditions, popular venues were closed because they were submerged from flooding. Just this past April in Rhode Island, we experienced that stores and businesses had to close their doors and turn away customers because their environment was consumed in water! In New England you can never plan the weather, it is constantly changing around us. One minute it could be raining and the next minute it is hot and humid. Located in Holyoke, we are familiar with the ever changing ways of the weather, which is why we also recommend coverage for “The Big Day”. Ensure your special day goes off without a hitch and look into our special event insurance for your wedding

Make Those Last Few Summer Days Fun!

August 26, 2010

A great way to beat the heat of summer is to take advantage of the thriving outdoor activities that you have in your own backyard and all around the New England area. Summer activities are all around, all you have to do is to load up the car and take a beach adventure, or gas up your ATV for a ride around some of the best beaten paths that Chicopee, Holyoke, Westfield, Southwick and West Springfield have to offer. There are so many different ways of enjoying the summer, but before the fun gets taken out of hand, considering the event of an accident before heading out is beneficial to you and your family members. Did you know that as soon as you leave your property your home insurance is no longer going to protect you if you got into an accident with your ATV? How often do you actually stay on your property, probably never. That is why it is so important to purchase an Off Road Vehicle policy. This policy gives you the option of purchasing physical damage coverage for the bike, plus liability coverage to protect you in the event someone is injured. The time to worry about insurance coverage is before the accident happens, and we are dedicated to giving you the satisfaction of covering all of the corners before you take your first trip off road. We understand that these vehicles are fun, so let us give you a free quote so that you don’t have to worry about insurance if the fun gets taken out of hand. Do you own an ATV or dirtbike but are unsure of where to travel? Check out the Berkshire Trails Council website that offers tips and locations on where you can maximize your off road experience!

Raffles, Bingo and Tag Sales..Oh My!

August 20, 2010

Looking for a fun and cheap place to beat the heat this summer and enjoy delicious and affordable Polish-American cuisine? Mater Dolorosa Parish located on 67 ST. Kolbe Drive in Holyoke MA is hosting their annual summer festival August 21st and 22nd of 2010. Every year this parish puts together a festival and raises money to give back to the parish through creative games of chance, a giant tag sale, raffles with $1,000 cash prize, a super 50/50 raffle and entertainment for all ages. From growing up in the Holyoke area, many employees from our office have attended and continue to return with raving reviews of the event. The large tag sale extends all around the parish hall and offers something for everyone. The children’s games are perfect for keeping their attention, and cost less than a dollar to participate. A continuing Bingo game is what draws in most visitors, but it’s the Polish-American dishes that keep the visitors lingering around for hours with their traditional golumbke’s, pierogies and kielbasa. American food is offered as well for those favoring hot dogs and hamburgers. Having gone to this event on more than several occasions, we assure you that this festival is a one of a kind experience with inexpensive costs. Volunteers from the parish help to run the events and sales, and offer a warm welcome to all that pass through the doors. The event will take place this year from 11am-7pm and there is plenty of parking for visitors. This establishment is suitable for all ages, handicap accessible and even air conditioned. Come and try your chances at the Mater Dolorosa Parish and enjoy some good fun for a great cause!